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UNUSUAL COURT , The (Illustrated)

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If only animals could talk, what would they say to God? Torkom gives voice to our cherished friends in the animal kingdom and you will be moved to tears as you read through these lovely pages. A profoundly moving book for all animal lovers and especially vegetarians! We are moving into an era where our animals are getting closer to the human kingdom. The Teaching tells us that by the Year 3000, many of our animals will incarnate into the human kingdom. Great efforts have been made beginning in the 20th Century for the humane treatment of animals. We see these ideas increasing all over the world and are, esoterically defined, a result of the tremendous work done by a special Avatar for animals. A beautifully illustrated book by the late artist Frances Paelian, the daughter of the late author Dr. Garabed Paelian, and a great lover of animals. A timeless book that appeals to children and adults alike. It depicts, in verse form, the trial that humanity would face if only animals could talk and present their case in "court." A sincere and timely appeal is made to man from our most cherished friends of the animal kingdom. "This was my dream, on a night, very close to the full moon. There was a court, and a very ancient Being, was serving as the Judge...." Pages: 32 (Includes Illustrations) If you like reading poetry, we also recommend the following books written in poetic or epic poem format: I was: The journey of a woman of maturity and wisdom Hiawatha and the Great Peace: The life and teachings of Hiawatha Buddha Sutra, A Dialogue with the Glorious One: Dialogue with Buddha Dialogue with Christ: A quintessential question and answer session with Christ. Olympus World Report…Year 3000:(The story of the world in the year 3000, after all the changes, disasters, and cataclysms, how humanity learned the secrets of success and right living with all of life on the planet. A dramatic epic of the successful changes made by humanity in each field of human endeavor.) UPC # 9780911794441

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