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TEACHINGS OF THE CHRIST VOLUME 3: The Transformative Power of Christ

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The four volumes of the Teachings of Christ represent a lifetime of study and understanding of the deeper meanings of the Christ Teachings. In Volume Three, we present two major topics: a study of the Parables of Christ and a seminar on experiencing and realizing Christ consciousness. Part 1 includes the psychological keys to the Parables of Christ and in-depth discussions of some of the most beloved parables, such as the sower of seeds, hidden treasure, and the talents. Part 2 is a transcription of a seminar presented in Holland on how to experience Christ and the transformative power of Christ. Included in this section are lecture presentations, visualization and meditation, and group discussions. "The way to Christ is through steady meditation, purification, and selfless, sacrificial service. Meditation is the process in which the Inner Guide watches the threefold personality, pouring down Light, Love, and Power. The radiation of these three energies into our daily life and environment is called service. Through service, the human soul contacts the inner light, and in that light he sees the greater light — the Christ." (p. 459) The four volumes of The Teachings of Christ by Torkom Saraydarian represent an in-depth explanation about the deeper meanings of the Life and Message of Christ. UPC # 9780929874944

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