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SYNTHESIS (booklet)

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching. "Every age has its keynote... the keynote of the Aquarian age is synthesis." Explains clearly what synthesis is and how it relates to every aspect of life, man and his relationship with his entire surroundings, and the essence of life. Gives 28 practical steps to develop synthesis and be in tune with all of creation. Pages: 32 For other products that help heal, unify, synthesize, and integrate, please see the following by Torkom Saraydarian: Let My Dreams Come True (CD of Torkom's composed and performed musical pieces on the Synthesizer, first created for use during a seminar on Healing. The music is very powerfully integrative and unifying.) Prayers, Mantrams and Invocations (a collection of over 100 prayers and mantrams for many of life's occasions.) Daily Discipline of Worship (five daily contacts that coincide with the movements of the sun.) UPC # 9780911794182

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