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The Universe is rich and abundant. Prosperity in its full essence is available to everyone. Prosperity in the outer world is the reflection of the prosperity potential within you. A detailed study on how to have abundance and enjoy life’s riches. Everyone wants abundance. Some want it in the form of money, property, and belongings. Others want to be rich in creativity, love, ideas, and beauty. Others want to be rich in their hearts and minds and vitality. There is a great tendency in the human being to want to live in abundance. Having prosperity of all kinds helps the human being be healthy, happy, and creative and in turn, be able to care for all of life in a generous and giving attitude. This book provides the following rich guidelines: · Keys to how to have abundance · Fourteen ways to keep the flow of prosperity · Twelve definition of spiritual prosperity · Twelve mental conditions needed for prosperity · Twelve emotional conditions needed for prosperity · Twelve physical manifestation of prosperity · Meditation on prosperity and blessings for prosperity UPC # 9780911794120

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