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Spiritual Regeneration shows how your striving creates a tremendous fire in you and how this fire energizes the physical, emotional, and mental natures and acts as a regenerating element in your life. Spiritual means practical, factual, tangible, provable progress toward future accomplishments. When you are progressively striving for achievement, then you are spiritual. Regeneration means that your physical, emotional, and mental natures are slowly imbued with the purpose and the vision of the future. It means that you say: "In the future, I am going to do these things; I am going to be something; I am going to create various activities and projects in the world; I am going to master myself." The author includes wonderful, practical daily exercises that are a great help in attaining spiritual regeneration. Total number of pages: 222 For more information about regeneration and transformation by Torkom Saraydarian, please see the following: The Science of Becoming Oneself: (a spiritual guidebook on how to become your True Self. Includes exercises and meditations.) Transformation: (a guide to transform your life through powerful information, visualization, blessing techniques and more.) Challenge for Discipleship: (the textbook for becoming a spiritual disciple) Education as Transformation, Volume 1: Individual and Cosmos (the relationship of the person to the whole; foundations for right education.) Education as Transformation, Volume 2: Basics of Education (What are some of the key topics that a truly educated person needs to know.) UPC # 9780962443916

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