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The Solar Angel is the guide, mentor, and guardian of each human being. It is also called the Guardian Angel, the Soul, or the Inner Guide. Solar Angels came to humanity 18 million years ago to help human beings to develop their mental substance and to enable them to evolve into greater levels of understanding and expansion. The Solar Angel is in constant meditation in order to awaken us and teach us to respond to its guidance and education. Daily we are guided and helped to understand about the meaning and purpose of life.The Solar Angel helps us evolve and develop as human souls. It gives us of its substance and, with its help, we build the Chalice, the Temple of Solomon, the Temple not built by hands. This is the repository of the human soul that contains the lifetimes of expressions of pure love and pure light and pure spiritual will. Our soul comes into full expression as a result of the work of the Solar Angel. This volume is a collection of writings from Torkom about the Solar Angel. Never before has the esoteric field been able to see such depth of knowledge and explanation of the differences between the Solar Angel and the human soul. "The story of the Solar Angel comes from far antiquity. In almost all nations and religions, we read about angels -- guardian Angels and angels that shine like the Sun; angels that protect, lead, and inspire people in all fields." ee also Solar Angel Volume 2 - available in hard and soft cover. Pages: 455 We also recommend the following books about the human soul as well as angels by Torkom Saraydarian: Dynamics of the Soul (detailed information about the Human Soul and its function) Angels and Devas (booklet specifically about the various kinds of angels and devas and their function in our life.) UPC # 9780911794625

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