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"Life on this planet is a school from which we must graduate with honors. Day after day, life after life, we attend this school, learn our lessons, and either pass the tests — or fail them. On this long road toward liberation or emancipation, our sense of responsibility grows and becomes the guiding principle in our life. The idea of graduating from this school with honors can change our life and mobilize our thinking, feelings, and actions in such a way that we ready ourselves for the final exam.” (p. 7) The Sense of Responsibility in Society explains how we can learn to become responsible and mature and wise persons. It is the keynote of the Law of Karma. As we become more responsible, we grow in conscious cooperation with the direction of life. As we become more responsible, our karmic liabilities decrease and, instead of suffering and pain, we bloom and expand and become filled with the joy of life. Every person on the planet has a responsibility to care for himself or herself, to care for others, and to care for the planet. Every little step carries a big, cumulative impact on life. It is time each of us does our part and see how these efforts will eventually grow into a major planetary improvement of life for everyone. The sense of responsibility is the cornerstone of spiritual discipleship. This is a wonderful book to use as a teaching tool to help your children learn about being responsible. You can easily read and adjust the information to suit your child's needs. Very useful Chapters on being responsive to others, building tolerance of differences, how to be a good friend and how to recognize the talents of others and help them to express their talents. Do you want to learn more about developing the sense of responsibility and how to become a more responsive and sensitive person? This is a cornerstone quality for leadership and supervisory positions. Take a course at TSG University Online. A six-week course on developing the sense of responsibility is included in the Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom study course. For more information, please see TSG University Online. Pages: 176 For further reading about the process of becoming a responsible person who is able to proceed more steadily on the path of discipleship and growing into greater fields of service, please see the following by Torkom Saraydarian: The Science of Becoming Oneself:(a detailed study of the bodies of a human being, plus excercises and meditations on how to become the True Self and achieve true freedom.) Challenge for Discipleship: (an expansive and practical path of becoming a true disciple. A never-ending treasury of Teaching about the application of the principles of the Teaching in their most useful ways.) The Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness: (how to become a loving and cooperative person and why. Teaches how to be a team builder and team player. Provides the Cosmic Laws that work with groups and group formations. A manual for providing direction and purpose to groups and families.) Ashrams: (details how the Hierarchical Ashrams work, what is expected, how to prepare for such service.) Avatars, Revelations of God: (A high-level achievement of a cooperative and group conscious person. Defines what is an Avatar, the grades of Avatars and Their functions, how one becomes an Avatar, and Avatars in history of humanity.) UPC # 9280929874074

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