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A timeless guide on the path of safe, real, and protective meditation. Based on the teachings of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Science of Meditation explains the science and process of the advanced form of seed thought meditation. This form of meditation provides: The ability to think clearly The ability to focus on one thought, training the mind to stay clear and calm The ability to lead the body, the emotions, and the mind into constructive expression of the soul The ability to see any aspect of life from multiple viewpoints The ability to raise the consciousness The ability to link the lower mind with the higher through the construction of the Antahkarana The process of scientific meditation gives you the ability link to the Thinker within. The process of scientific meditation increases our joy and links us into the universal creative energies. The Science of Meditation offers simple, step-by-step methods of meditation. It teaches how to meditate and the rules for meditation, the use of the Sacred Word, dangers and pitfalls to avoid, how to find the right form of meditation, and much more. A primer on meditation, an important book for any serious person who is seeking a clear guideline for a constructive approach to spiritual and mental health. Torkom was a life-long student and practitioner of scientific meditation. This book reflects his personal experiences and processes in the study and practice of meditation. There is also a hardcover edition of this book 320 Pages For related books and booklets by Torkom Saraydarian, please see the following: Mental Exercises (a booklet of very practical value, contains exercises that can be done individually or in a group to heal the physical/etheric body, the emotional body, the mental body and also to express the soul qualities using the healing power of sound (OM) and color visualization.) Practical Spirituality (a booklet that discusses what are the practical ways we can express our spiritual beliefs. This is a very typical Torkom style that values daily practice that is useful and important to our family and co-workers. It brings us down to earth!) The Science of Becoming Oneself (a serious book about the process of discovering who you truly are. Immensely valuable exercises, visualizations, and practical advise) The Psyche and Psychism (a huge tome about what is the Teaching, what is psychism, and so much more. Check out the link for more details.) UPC # 9780911794304

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