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The Science of Becoming Oneself is a serious book on the path of becoming your True Self. Contains very useful and practical information, exercises, and meditations for the beginner and the advanced student. Many students turn to this book after years of study and inner work. Its practical application of the Teaching makes it a classic book of the Wisdom Teachings. Going to a remote retreat for spiritual upliftment? Take this book along and you will find the inner path of becoming who you always wanted to be! Explains how to remove the heavy blankets of physical, emotional, and mental recordings that cover the true person that we are. Contains clear explanations and exercises to help every person on the path of spiritual striving. We live under heavy blankets created from our physical, emotional, and mental recordings. These recordings are often reactions to our life. In defense, we build ego, vanity, illusions, and glamors, and these become heavy bars that prevent our freedom. The process of removing these blankets is called the Science of Becoming the True Self. It is a science because it takes conscious striving. It is a joyful journey of self-discovery. Already in its third printing, this book has helped thousands of people all over the world to find the true identity of their souls. Chapters include: Toward Freedom, Benevolence, Toward Purity, Harmlessness and Detachment, The Sea of Emotion, The Principle of Conflict, The Conscience, The Meaning of Silence, The Self, and Joy. Hardcover edition of this book Pages: 335 We also recommend the following books on the process of becoming your True Self: The Science of Meditation (available in soft cover and hard cover, this is a valuable book on meditation using seed thoughts and designed to expand into the level of the higher mind and intuition. Discusses the dangers and the right way to approach meditation.) Subconscious Mind and the Chalice (a key book to understand what compels us to act and behave the way we do as well as a clear and beautiful explanation of how we build our inner Temple, the Temple of Solomon, the Chalice.) UPC # 9780911794274

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