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Author: Richard V. Sady Publication Date: May 15, 1993 Rebellion in teenagers is very worrisome for adults when it is not seen in the context of a young person's psychological development. Rebellion, however, can be the greatest asset of a teenager if it is directed in positive ways. This book guides teenagers in using the natural energy of rebellion so that issues such as one's place and purpose in life, failure, crises, self-image, freedom, friendship, love, marriage, sex, or the future can become positive experiences. Teenagers have found in this book encouragement to set and reach goals. Many parents, teachers and counselors also have found this book helpful to relate with teenagers in a new and positive way. It is written in language that young people relate to. Review The beauty of this book is that it goes beyond any one-sided religious or psychological approach but comes from daily experiences over the last 27 years with young people of many different races, religions, problems, failures, and shortcomings. It is written so that teenagers themselves can relate to it. "Young adults will enjoy this encouraging guide to self-improvement and the development of moral and ethical values in a changing world. It doesn't preach, but it does invite kids to think about what it means to 'live the good life,' and what elements are involved in creating and maintaining a life vision." -- Midwest Book Review About the Author For over 25 years, Richard Sidy has taught from pre-school children through adults. They come from all types of situations and from all types of backgrounds, but mostly he has spent his days with teenagers. With them he has weathered many storms together: classmates killed or paralyzed in gang shootings, drugs, pregnancies, dysfunctional families, abuse, suicides. In this environment, he has guided many of them, resulting in their accomplishments after many discussions, discoveries, hard-heated battles, and searches. He has written many articles on education, international relations, hands-on curricula for social studies, and is currently teaching foreign language and peer leadership classes at a high school in Flagstaff, AZ. He is the author of the book _World Diplomacy_. He has traveled extensively with teenagers in a great variety of cultures.

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