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A monumental work on every single topic contained in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. This masterpiece will offer you an encyclopedic wealth of information useful for study and reference. This masterpiece of the Spiritual Teachings is of enormous and long-term value. You can study this book for the rest of your life. It is an essential tool for all teachers of the Wisdom Schools. Keep this book handy whenever you want to know more about the Teaching. It is a supreme guidebook! You will find numerous chapters on psychism; occult meditation; the source of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings; the subtle constitution of the human being; detailed study of the emotional body, the mental body, and higher bodies; detailed study of the 24 virtues and their effect on health and healing; psychism and children; the Sacred Word; and many words of caution and guidance. See the table of contents on the link below for a complete content listing. Pages: 1214 If you wish to read smaller size books on the topic of the Ageless Wisdom, please see the following: Cosmos in Man (basic information about the Constitution of Man, the Cosmogenesis, the basics of the Teaching, the Seven Rays.) The Ageless Wisdom (a very good introductory book on what is the Teaching, where does it come from, how does one benefit from the Teaching, what pitfalls to watch for, and the basic principles of the Ancient Teachers.) Thought and the Glory of Thinking (a most serious and fundamental book on the mind, the development of clear thinking and the glory of creative and conscious thought.) UPC # 9780911794069

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