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OTHER WORLDS (Hardcover)

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Other Worlds is a monumental study that describes, in detail, every level of existence beyond the physical plane. It answers questions about life that we ask such as: What is on the other side of physical life? How do we contact it? What happens when we die? What is this about psychics and mediums and channels? If you want to know why things happen, not just that they do, this book is for you. It answers questions like: What exists beyond our physical world? What happens after we die? What can we learn from near death experiences? Do we go somewhere when we sleep? Who are invisible helpers? What are the emotional worlds? What are the fiery worlds? Pages: 648 See the softcover edition of this book If you wish to know more about the Higher Worlds and how they operate, we recommend the following by Torkom Saraydarian: Hierarchy and the Plan (a booklet specifically about the Plan and how it operates in Hierarchy.) Eyes of Hierarchy (a book of wonderful information about how the planetary Hierarchy is composed and organized and how these Great Ones guide and protect humanity.) Legend of Shamballa (an epic story of how our planetary guides were organized, where they came from, how they function, and the legends that surround this planetary story.) Cosmic Shocks (a book that is all about crises and challenges of life and how to handle them. You will learn how to see the essence of a crises and how to change yourself from the inside so that the karma of crises are diminished in your life.) Other Worlds teaches us how our world operates and who inhabits its many levels. It teaches how we can have conscious contact with higher worlds, and what sort of contacts to avoid. Other Worlds teaches us to recognize that every single action taken, word spoken, emotion felt on individual, group, and national levels in our physical world has direct and immediate consequences on every level of existence. The results of our actions stay with us as we live our life here, as we leave our bodies and travel to higher worlds, and as we incarnate once again. You will read beautiful chapters on children, re-incarnation, celebrating birthdays, invisible helpers, the continuity of life, the Guardian Angel, dealing with death and grief, and much more. UPC # 9780929874043

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