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An in-depth explanation of the subtle constitution of man. Includes a detailed study of the etheric body, the astral body, and the mental body; the centers or chakras in each body is detailed and discussed. It is also a comprehensive approach to the process of healing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Explains the subtle constitution of the human being with clarity and simplicity. Contains exercises, meditations, and visualizations for every part of your life. This is a key book for the healing profession and for anyone who is striving to understand the mind-body-soul connection. "We are of the opinion that taking a few pills and a few injections will solve our problems. In reality this is not true." "Healing is not an outer phenomenon only, but essentially it has to do with our emotions, thoughts, motives, expectations, aspirations, and attitudes. All these factors must be oriented toward the ideal, through the purification process and through the payment of our karma." Study this book in a systematic way through the TSG University Online. A five year course is offered for training in esoteric wisdom. For more details, click TSG University. View the Table of Contents See the softcover edition of this book Pages: 916 For other books on the topic of healing, we recommend the following by Torkom Saraydarian: Joy and Healing (deals specifically with the power of joy in the process of healing.) Art of Visualization (booklet, deals with how to train our mind to visualize; step by step training method based on a multi-part seminar.) Mental Exercises (booklet, deals with exercises to heal the etheric, emotional, mental bodies and the use of sound and color in healing.) UPC # 9780929874531

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