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Volume 3 contains instructions given to advanced students of esoteric leadership. It focuses on how a leader works, how he or she relates with other leaders and other groups, how to be sensitive and discerning toward co-workers; how to deal with slander and with criticism; how to be righteous, how to watch for and diminish qualities that will ruin your leadership and your work, and much more. "Leaders are guardians of a nation. If we had five thousand groups studying esoteric leadership, the world would slowly change. "Leadership is progressive. Acceptance and understanding of our responsibilities and the urge to help others help themselves are elements that make leaders more effective and progressive." Here are some of the other topics in this Volume: The foundations of leadership Self-judgment Leaders as Servants Leadership and Weeds Leadership and Attacks See the softcover edition of this book Pages: 399 More about the Leadership Series: The Leadership Series, in five volumes, is a series of books of exceptional scholarship on the spiritual foundation of true leadership. Torkom wrote and lectured continuously on the subject of leadership and gave special training seminars and workshops on this subject. When we see the great leaders of the world, we see the qualities described in these books expressed in the lives of these men and women. When we see dismal failures in leadership, we can see exactly what is missing in the lives of these failed leaders. Torkom's writings and classes have been collected in this Series and are organized exactly in the order that he wrote them. This is a very practical and useful guidance on how to become a true leader, one who is moving into a serious expansion of his or her service. All five volumes are available in Softcover editions and a limited number of Hardcover editions. Please see the links below for each of the volumes. UPC # 978929874555

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