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An epic poem about the life and great political contributions made by the Native American hero Hiawatha. This great leader was a statesman and visionary who gave his nation "The Great Peace" or the confederacy of the five Nations. This unique constitution later formed the basis for the constitution of the United States. "Great men are not physical existences only. They have a great reservoir of spiritual values and experiences, which make them magnetic, creative, inspiring, and highly influential." The story of Hiawatha is deeply moving and inspiring. It helps us understand how the Wisdom Teachings are contained in many traditions and nations that quiely form the foundations of our cherished cultural expressions. A living tribute to Native American Culture as well as the culture and origin of leadership by the wise women of a Nation. View the Table of Contents See the softcover edition of this book Pages: 207 If you like reading poetry, we also recommend the following books written in poetic or epic poem format: I was: The journey of a woman of maturity and wisdom Buddha Sutra, A Dialogue with the Glorious One: Dialogue with Buddha Dialogue with Christ: A quintessential question and answer session with Christ. The Legend of Shamballa: The story of creation; the Planetary Logos and Hierarchy; the future of humanity. UPC # 9780911794250

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