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Never before published Teachings from Torkom's writings, seminars, and personal experiences. This 514 page book will give you the foundation of why you want to be happy, in the best way that is sustainable and growing and satisfying in your whole being. "People want to be happy, and whatever they are doing in their lives, it is because they want to increase their own happiness. For example, people eat to be happy, dress to be happy, marry to be happy, conduct business to be happy, and become educated to be happy. There is nothing a person does that is not a search for happiness. "It is very interesting to think about how happiness controls our actions. In reality, one hundred percent of humanity is searching for happiness, but only a few people are really happy. One may have momentary happiness for a few days. Then his happiness leaves and pain, suffering, and complications return to his life. Happy moments are very rare. No one can really say, I am always happy. Why is this? There is a great secret behind it. "When we say happiness, we understand it as a state of consciousness, a feeling, an emotion or sensation. But in reality, happiness is your Essence, the real You. You are always trying to find your Self because there is no happiness until you find your Self. Whatever you are or are not doing in life, all of your actions are a search for your Self. Because you think you are your bodies, you look for happiness in your body, your sex, your stomach, in your money, possessions, and positions. You always search for it in the wrong places. And because you are searching for your Self in the wrong places and cannot find it, your happiness evaporates." Included are over 50 exercises to increase your happiness. You will learn: The foundation of happiness The fundamentals of happiness How to deal with painful events How to bring happiness and joy to others How to do exercises for increasing and sharing your happiness and joy Pages: 514 For more resources please see the following by Torkom Saraydarian: New Dimensions in Healing: (a thorough discussion of the constitution of man, the chakras, the process of healing, exercises and visualizations.) Mental Exercises: (a wonderful booklet that provides exercises and visualizations for the physical-etheric body healing, emotional healing, mental healing, and healing with color and sound.) Prayers, Mantrams, and Invocations: ( a collection of over 100 prayers and mantrams that provide nurture and healing.) Irritation, The Destructive Fire: (a booklet describing the destructive power of irritation and how imperil accumulates on the nerve channels to cause various illnesses.) Check also the fine selection of Torkom's music for its healing and balancing qualities. UPC # 9781937023178

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