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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching. Excerpted from the larger book Challenge for Discipleship, this is a handy booklet containing important information about the ego, vanity, glamors, and illusions. Vanity, ego, illusions, and glamors build a heavy wall around our aura. They hold us back from being our True Self, and prevent us from communicating with others with honesty and integrity. They are like a many-headed hydra that brings with it fears, self-doubt, hurt and pain into any conversation and into any relationship. These vices prevent our true, human soul from expressing itself in our life and, they complicate our life further by adding more vices such as hatred and competition! If they are not dismantled and cleared out of our lives, every part of our relationships will suffer. It is extremely difficult, if not unlikely, that an egotistical, vain person, full of glamors and illusions could even hope to build right human relationship anywhere in his or her life. It is an important part of spiritual transformation to learn about these four vipers and learn how and why to dismantle them. These four “vipers” form the cornerstones of self-deception. Clearing them from your life is the basic and most important part of your self transformation process. PAGES: 67 SKU # FIRSTSTEPS

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