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A beautiful booklet that defines the process of daily worship and prayer. A beautiful booklet that defines the process of daily worship and prayer. As we pray, we slowly change the elements that make up our nature. All Great Teachers of religion and spirituality taught how to pray and instructed us to pray attentively and regularly. Step by step, we change our physical, emotional, and mental bodies to vibrate at a higher rate of beauty and serenity. Prayer is the path of sanity and balance. “Some of us do not care for prayers, but in esoteric literature we find that not only individuals pray, but also Masters pray, and the Ones Who are greater than master pray. For example, Christ prayed.” (p. 13) “It is very interesting to know that whatever you desire, you will get. That is the law of Nature, the root of freedom and bondage. Your prayer will be answered, perhaps not immediately, but eventually, in one life or after two hundred lives.” (p. 13) “Prayers are based on the law of invocation and evocation.” (p. 14) This is the Law of Attraction in the process of manifestation. Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching. Included in this booklet: A Daily Discipline of Worship What is Prayer Purification The Great Invocation The Gayatri The Lord's Prayer Pages: 74 For more products on prayers and mantrams, we recommend the following: Prayers, Mantrams and Invocations (a collection of over 100 mantrams and prayers to use any time of the day for multiple purposes. Triangles of Fire (a detailed study about the Great Invocation.) Daily Discipline of Worship (a wonderful pocket sized booklet for daily use of prayer and contact with the Divine.) UPC # 9780929874579

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