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TRACKS composed by the author 1. Lao-Tse: Lao Tse is traveling on his ox and speaking to his audience about how the empty space in a bowl is more important than the bowl. 2. Beyond: Beyond is the translation of the feeling I have about the Supermundane World. 3. Dance of Corn Stalks: Under the gusty wind of a summer afternoon, the corn stalks move rhythmically as if they were dancers. 4. Comet: A comet is seen as a speck in space, then as an arrow of light, then as a ball of fire having a thousand mile long colorful tail. It then disappears behind the horizon. 5. Dance of the Princess: The princess is waiting sadly by the window for the Knight who promised to visit her. Suddenly she sees his carriage cross the meadows. She jumps into the garden and begins to dance. 6. Mary Magdalene Meets the Lord in the Garden: Mary, with tears in her eyes, is wondering where the body of the Lord is, when suddenly she notices the presence of Jesus whom she thought was the gardener. Listen to a free sample of this song - .rm - .mp3 7. Dance of Mountaineers: Seven mountaineers begin their dance by raising their long sticks toward the center, forming a mountain peak. Then each one challenges the other to jump over his stick, raising it higher and higher. The one jumping the highest is called "The Mountain". 8. Joyful River: The river is joyful for the one who has walked through it. The splash of water between the rocks and the songs of the birds on surrounding trees make the river run in incessant joy.

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